The iventionair prototype has been installed at Sportiv in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Replacing the ventilation system in the group lesson room, the extra air purification facilities and linking it to the air conditioning make the room a real living lab in which athletes can work on their healthy lifestyle in a safe and controlled manner.

Extra attention in the design was the modified air distribution system so that the entire room can be properly flushed by fresh and cleaned air. There is not a spot in the entire room that is not flushed properly. This way we prevent a cloud of virus from lingering or slowly shifting from one athlete to another.

The iventionair Sense monitors and guarded the safety of the room in real time and the iventionair Brain controls the system to ventilate or to purify the air. Intelligent cameras continuously measure the occupancy in the room and check whether everyone keeps 1.5 meters away.