The Future of Sustainable Indoor Clean Air

iventionair is an award-winning controlled indoor climate system for clean air, cooling and heating.

It has the capability to measure air quality in any space, and the technology to ventilate accordingly in order to create a safe and healthy environment.


Adequate ventilation is vital in order to create a healthy environment, improved performance and a healthy workplace for employees.


The possibility of living and working in comfort all year round requires a dynamic system which, by combining data on the local weather conditions with the required intensity, creates the optimal environment.


The filtration of air to reduce viruses, bacteria, particulate matter and harmful gases is vital when one considers how deep into the human body these harmful substances can be absorbed.


An adaptive regulator working ‘real-time’ creates the best air quality for people during the COVID-19 pandemic and also in the post-COVID era. For a safe and healthy space.

How it works

The iventionair demand-controlled indoor climate system analyzes environmental factors such as CO2 and fine particles using special sensors. This data is collected via an intelligent ‘brain’ control unit. This ensures that air-cleaning and ventilation, be it for cooling or heating, is continuously adjusted to suit the required conditions, such as occupancy and intensity of activity. 

iventionair is capable of continuously regulating the ventilation, keeping a room comfortable while simultaneously purifying the air for the safest and healthier environment, even in times of epidemics and pandemics.

The technology behind iventionair has the means to reduce the number of (ultra) fine particles and aerosols in the air as well as the concentration of CO2, thus drastically limiting the risk of adverse health conditions.

Two Unique Modes


Environmental mode and usage data of the room (occupancy and type of exercise) are translated into useful information for visitors/customers of the facility. Our online platform called the iventionair Dashboard can display vital information such as CO2, infection risk and other matter, in a user-friendly manner for athletes and instructors, using the Narrow-Casting and a mobile application system. Moreover, a web-based dashboard provides the operator with a complete overview of all the facilities.


Infection mode is only applicable at times of increased infection risk, such as the current or future pandemics or seasonal epidemics. The settings of all systems are automatically adjusted for the respective mode. The iventionair algorithms determine which setpoints belong to the activity and the occupancy of the room. In the event of an infection risk, the amount of ventilation and the amount of cleaned air are determined based on the accepted risk of infection and thus controlled accordingly.





The Team

Marius Klerk, B.Eng.
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Marius studied industrial engineering and later moved into a career as an energy professional for data centers. It was here where he learned the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable cooling systems, and as a result, became involved in the development and application of indirect adiabatic cooling systems for the data center market. This enabled various projects which he managed to be realized nationally and internationally.

This technology has been further developed in recent years with research institutes and applied in the industry and utility market, and he is accountable for numerous successfully implemented projects around the world. As an experienced executive manager, he has a proven track record of over 10 years, driving innovation and sales growth in the climate tech sector. As co-founder of inventionair, Marius along with other members of the team, answered a call from the Dutch Government, creating safe and healthy exercise environments such as gyms and sport-oriented spaces.

Tom van den Berg, B.Eng.
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Tom studied mechanical engineering in Holland and worked as a project manager in installation and climate technology for 10 years. He also spent several years managing medical and laboratory gas equipment for nano-labs and virology-labs, operating theatres and intensive-care wards.

Throughout this time as a business unit manager, his responsibilities were to ensure the on-budget delivery and end-quality certification of all active projects. Moreover, he has carved out a successful career in the health and fitness industry, and for over a decade supported more than 100 health clubs and gyms as a facility manager. Gaining so much first-hand experience has been vital for Tom who champions the importance of active exercise in accessible, clean and safe environments.

Francesco Franchimon, PhD
Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder

Francesco earned his doctorate in public health engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His dissertation addressed the impact of pandemics and air quality on humans in indoor environments, in the short term (infectious diseases) and the long term (chronic diseases). He also holds a Master of Science on Building Services. He worked for 10 years for one of the top three construction companies in Northwest Europe, where he was responsible for innovation programs and a business unit for energy systems and energy management in built environments.

In 2019 he became an entrepreneur, and soon after was recognized as one of the first experts to announce the importance of airborne transmission of coronavirus. He soon went on to publish numerous papers in professional and scientific journals on this important topic. Francesco’s scientific background on public health engineering and building systems, and his track record in bringing innovation to the market along with his published work, makes him a leading authority in his field.

Eliane Khoury, MSc
Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder

Eliane studied chemical engineering, focusing on air pollution and environmental studies as well as biochemical engineering in nano-structured materials. Her background and expertise translated into a passion for technology and solving problems related to clean air in indoor environments. As a result, she has been running successful international technology ventures in the field of air filtration and purification across many sectors such as healthcare, logistics, agriculture, education, commercial offices, public spaces, event venues and manufacturing plants. She has been a driving force in innovation and business growth in the clean and health tech sector for the past 15 years, striving towards creative ways to find solutions for the purpose of health and well-being.

She is an expert and consummate professional in both theory and practice, and maintains a strong stance in sustainability and ethics. Eliane is not just an innovator, designer and implementation specialist, but is also an authority on clean air solutions, having singlehandedly developed a technology for virus free environments.

James Khoury
Head of Strategy

James moved to the UAE in 2005 and throughout this time has built a strong reputation as a facilitator, advisor and trusted mentor. His expertise and approach to business strategy, sales growth, leadership mentoring, marketing and branding has contributed in helping to shape many well-known organizations throughout the region.

He prefers to invest his time and energy in innovation with like minded visionary leaders who advocate people and planet suitability. He is a champion for corporate social responsibility, and believes that it should be at the heart of every organization’s mission, vision and philosophy. James’ legacy is of the hundreds of successful collaborations with companies across the Middle East and the numerous international businesses who have flourished under his guidance.


Measurement days with normal occupation in the gym

Measurement days with normal occupation in the gym

On June 29 and 30 it was again possible to work out in the gym. To demonstrate that the inventive system works as intended with the occupation of the athlete, two measurement days have been organized. The ventilation rate was set in accordance with the standard on the...

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The effect of iventionair measured by TUe

The effect of iventionair measured by TUe

The Eindhoven University of Technology, led by Bert Blocken, has carried out measurements for a day in the iventionair “living lab”, with artificial aerosol nebulizers, which simulate the properties of saliva that are released into the air. Based on this, the air in...

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Testing shows that proper air distribution is essential.

Testing shows that proper air distribution is essential.

In April, the company BBA Indoor Environment conducted tests that showed that good air distribution is essential to dilute the air present and thus significantly minimize the risk of transmission. To do this, tests were first performed in the old environment and after...

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In 2000 iventionair was one of only five companies in Holland assigned by Sportinnovator and the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs (EZK) and Public Health (VWS) to develop a system to create a safe environment for indoor sport and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic.






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